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Kitab At-Tauhid (Book on Islamic Monotheism)


Brief Synopsis: 

This is a full color edition of the great book about Oneness of Allah. Kitab At-Tauhid has essentials of Islamic faith and monotheism, it presents:

  • A detailed elaboration of the concept of Tauheed and the testimony in Islam
  • The tidings of Paradise for those who refrain from Shirk and purify Tauheed from Shirk
  • Description of Haram and acts of Shirk such as sacrificing for other than Allah
  • Asking for help and seeking refuge in other than Allah
  • The most beautiful names and attributes of Allah
  • The ways and methods adopted by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to safeguard Tauheed
  • Refraining from evil thoughts about Allah, cursing the wind, calling humans slaves, taking oaths and drawing pictures

 Kitab At-Tauhid is the most authentic source of information related to Islamic monotheism; it is replete with authentic references to the Quran and Sunnah and can guide the entire Ummah accurately towards Allah. 


New full color edition of Kitab At-Tauhid which is one of the best books on the subject of Tawheed (Tauheed, Tawhid - Monotheism) and ranks high in authenticity. In this book all the relevant verses of the Quran have been discussed reasonably, rationally, and sincerely. The essence of the Quran and Sunnah is placed in a very simple manner in this book.

Table of Contents:

1. Publisher’s Note
2. Shaikhul-Islam Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab--
   a renowned Reviver and a great Reformer
1. At-Tauhid (The Oneness of Allah)
2. The Superiority of Tauhid and what it removes Sins
3. Who purifies Tauhid (from Shirk etc.)
4. Fear of Shirk (Polytheism)
5. the Call to testify that there is nothing deserving of Worship
   in Truth except Allah
6. An Explanation of Tauhid and the testimony: La ilaha illallah
7. To wear a Ring, Twine, or anything similar to them for prevention
or lifting of Harm or Afflictions, is an act of Shirk.
8. Ruqa (incantation), Talismans and Amulets
9. Whoever seeks Blessing through a Tree, a Stone , or the like
10. Slaughtering for Other than Allah
11. Make no Animal Sacrifice for Allah in a Place where Sacrifice is
    made for Other than Allah.
12. Vowing for Other than Allah is an act of Shirk.
13. Seeking Refuge in Other than Allah is a Part of Shirk.
14. To seek Help in Other than Allah (Istighathah) or to invoke
     Other than Him is an Act of Shirk.
15. ( The Created One could not be an Objective of Worship)
16. (What the Lord has said)
17. The intercession
18. (Allah guides whom He wills)
19. Excessive Dogma in the Righteous Persons is the Root Cause
     of Infidelity of Mankind and its deviation from True Religion
20. The condemnation of the One Who worships Allah at the Grave
     of Righteous Man and how then of man who worships the
     buried man itself.
21. Exaggeration in the Graves of the Righteous Persons tends them to
     become Idols worshipped besides Allah.
22. the protectiveness of Al-Mustafa of Tauhid and His blockading every
     Path leading to Shirk.
23. Some People of this Ummah (Nation) will worship Idols.
24. On Sorcery (As-Sihr)
25. Clarification of types of Sorcery (As-Sihr)
26. On Soothsayers and the Like.
27. Curing through Magical Spells (An-Nushrah)
28. What is said regarding Belief in Omens (Al-tataiyur)
29. What is said regarding Astrology (Al-tanjeem)
30. Seeking Rain through the Lunar Phases (Constellation)
31. (Love for Allah)
32. (Fear of Allah Alone)
33. (Put your Trust in Allah)
34. To feel secure against the plan of Allah contradicts Tauhid)
35. A part of Iman (Belief) in Allah is the forbearance with what Allah
has decreed.
36. Forbiddance of Showing off
37. It is of Shirk to perform a (righteous) deed for worldly reasons.
38. Whoever obeys the Scholars and the Rulers, forbidding what Allah
     has made permissible and permitting what He has made forbidden
     has certainly taken them as Lords (besides Allah)
39. (Seeking judgement from other than Allah and His Messenger is
40. (Whosoever denies any of the Names and Attributes of Allah)
41. (Recognizing the Grace of Allah, yet denying it is disbelief)
42. (“Do not set up rivals unto Allah”)
43. What is said about the One who is not satisfied with and Oath taken
     by Allah’s Name.
44. How it is to say “ What Allah may will and you may will”.
45. Whoever curses Time has wronged Allah.
46. To be name “Judge of Judges” and the Like.
47. Respect for the Names of Allah and changing one’s name for the
     sake of that.
48. (He commits disbelief) Who makes fun of anything where mention
     is made of Allah or the Qur’an or the Messenger
49. (Saying “This wealth is the result of my labor and knowledge” is
     against tauhid)
50. Every name which leads to the service of other than Allah is
51. (The most Beautiful Names belong to Allah)
52. Do not say As-Salam (peace and Security) upon Allah.
53. Saying “O Allah, forgive me if You wish”
54. One should not say “My slave (Male or Female)”
55. Whoever asks with the Name of Allah, is not to be rejected
56. Nothing but Paradise should be asked for by Allah’s Face.
57. On saying “If only such and such....”
58. Prohibition of cursing the Wind.
59. (Prohibition of evil thoughts regarding Allah)
60.  What is said about them who deny Qadar (Divine Degree)
61. (What is the punishment) for the Picturemakers
62. The forbiddance of taking Oaths frequently.
63. The Protection of Allah’s Covenant and the Protection of His
     Prophet’s Convenant.
64. To swear and to take Oath (binding) upon Allah.
65. None should ask Intercession of Allah before His creation.
66. To Prophet’s safeguarding of tauhid and his closing of the paths
     to Shirk.
67. (“They made not a just estimate of Allah”)

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