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Jesus in Islam, Christianity and the Jewish Talmud

Jesus in Islam, Christianity and the Jewish Talmud


Jesus (Eesa - peace be upon him) the Son of Mary (peace be upon her) was from a line of prophets sent to the children of Israel to proclaim the message of monotheism and to purify and confirm the Law of Moses (peace be upon him). He and his mother Mary are highly honored and respected in Islam. His mother was a righteous woman, referred to as a siddiqah, which means of utmost truthfulness in intention, word and deed. She was extremely devout and chaste. Allah (azawajal) granted her a son, Jesus, without male intervention, through His word of command and life-giving spirit and made him a Prophet for the children of Israel. He taught the Torah, the Gospel, the Book and the Wisdom. As signs for his prophet hood and his truthfulness, Allah worked many miracles through him. Jesus spoke in the cradle to defend his mother's honor, healed the sick and raised the dead among other things, However, the children of Israel differed and split regarding him, falling between those who rejected him, the "learned elders", and those who believed in him the "Jewish Christians". This original "Jewish Christianity" was dominated and superseded by an opposing Pauline Greco-Roman Christianity.This concise book compares how Jesus is viewed and characterized in Islam, Christianity and the Jewish Talmud. The Qur'an clarifies the truth in history to both the Jews and the Christians and explains the errors they fell into with respect to Jesus (peace be upon him) the Messiah, the Son of Mary, the Humble Servant of Allah and Noble prophet who is blessed in this life and honored in the next. Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Abu Iyad Amjad bin Muhammad Rafiq Binding: Paperback Pages: 64 Size in inches: 5.75x8.25x0.20 Size in CM: 14.5x21x0.50