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Islam The Religion of Peace


This treatise deals with clarifying the image of Islam. Modern world knows Islam not as a religion of peace and love but as something very contradictory. This misunderstanding is due to malpractices of people and false projections of the media. Islam is a relgion of peace and believes in constructive living. We get to know the true nature of this religion as told by Allah in the Quran and through his Prophet from this book. It helps having a positive image of Islam as it is in reality.

Publisher's Note

These days many books are being published about Islam, some in defense of it and many more in its offence. This book briefly but precisely points out how all the religions are the same and how they are different from each other. The teachings in basic remain in the doctrines but in the name of liberalism, these are changed in practice. For example, sexual relationships outside of marriage are forbidden in every religion, but what is happening everyone knows.

Islam in its basic nature and function has not changed because of its inner system. To many, the notion of Islam being a religion of peace appears like a contradiction, they see Islam as a dangerous faith under the influence of media. Islam in reality is the religion based on peace. Muslims are ordained to spread peace and its wishes. "May the peace of God be with you" are the words every Muslim is directed to say every time he meets someone.

This book invites all to use their intellect to see the reality and consider the truth.

Abdul Malik Muiahid

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