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Inspirations from the Quran - Selected DUAs, Verses, and Surahs from the Quran


quranic duas

In this unique book, you will finally get the opportunity to learn not only the sacred Quranic Duas but also the context in which various people including the prophets of Allah made those Du'as, thus increasing your appreciation and faith when making those Quranic Du'as to Allah. 

Publisher: IqraSense
Language: English
Paperback: 182 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 0.41 x 9 inches

Here are some examples of those powerful Du'as:

  • Dua that Prophet Huud (A.S.) and Prophet Yaqub made for having Tawakkul (trust) in Allah

  • Dua that Prophet Musa (A.S.) made when he and his people were running from Fir'awn who was chasing them with his army and they came upon a sea and didn't know where to go next and faced a dead end situation. 

  • A Quranic Dua about which Prophet Muhammad (s) said, “No Muslim ever prays to his Lord with these words for anything, but He will answer his prayer.'' 

  • Dua that Prophet Ayyub made when he was in a distressful situation having lost all his health, wealth, and children

  • Dua that Prophet Younus made when he was punished by Allah for making a mistake

  • Dua that a few young people who were being persecuted made to Allah to ask for His guidance and wisdom in their affairs

  • Dua that Children of Israel made when they were being led by Talut (Saul) against Jalut (Goliath) in a big battle

  • Dua that Prophet Zakaria made when he was approaching a state of hopelessness to have children of his own

  • And many more Duas...

duas stories from the quran

Additionally, in this 190 page book you will get to learn the special blessings of the following Surahs and verses of the Quran:

  • Special blessings of Surah Al-Fatihah (Allah mentions about the verses of Surah Al-Fatihah in a separate Surah and verse in the Quran)

  • Special blessings of two verses of the Quran about which the Prophet (s) said that whoever recites them will suffice him.

  • The verse from Surah Aal-e-Imran which when it was revealed made the prophet (s), he stood up and cried until his beard became wet. He, then, prostrated and cried until he made the ground wet. He then laid down on his side and cried. 

  • A Surah in the Quran that according to the prophet (s) will argue on behalf of its reciter until it causes him to enter into Paradise. 

  • and information on other Surahs.

Gift this book to all family members so they may appreciate the meanings behind the various Quranic Du'as. 

Benefit from the Power of Divine Revelation. Reserve your copy today!