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Important Warning Against Ribaa (Usury and Interest)


By: Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz
Pages: 71
Binding: Paperback
Size: 4.7x6.7" (11.7x17 cm)

In this book, the author aims to show the permissibility of most types of Ribaa (usury and interest) transactions in the Islamic banking that have appeared in recent times in the numerous financial institutions of the world. It asserts the strict prohibition of all types of Ribaa transactions that come at a time when several so-called scholars are issuing Fatwas (religious decrees) allowing some and even most types of Ribaa.

Table of Contents

1. Publisher's Note
2. Introduction
3. My work on this book
4. Shaikh Ibn Baz said
5. The rebuttal
6. Allah will bless the Muslim economy as long as the Muslims govern by His Law
7. Economic preeminence does not require Ribaa
8. Financial institutions can and do survive without Ribaa
9. They call Ribaa as 'Al-Faa'idah', 'Interest', etc.
10. Ribaa is forbidden because Allah has forbidden it
11. What Allah has forbidden does not benefit mankind
12. Ribaa is a prohibited type of transaction
13. Qiiyaas is only, allowed where there are no texts in the Qur'an or Sunnah
14. Ribaa is forbidden any way you look at it
15. Allah has allowed the transaction called As-Salam
16. The Muslim economy does not need Ribaa transactions
17. The Muslim economy needs to implement Allah's Law to survive and flourish
18. Comparing the Haraam to the Halaal to justify the Haraam is forbidden

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