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Heights of Success - Quranic Wisdom to Help You Rise High

Heights of Success - Quranic Wisdom to Help You Rise High


The Qur'an is an operating manual for our lives. Allah, the Almighty, has revealed within it the secrets to attaining a happy and successful life. We recite the Qur'an, but we remain largely unable to recognize and ponder over its secrets. In this book, Syed Taj Ahmad has identified some of these secrets, and compiled and presented them to you in this book. Most of these points have been gleaned from Qur'anic commentaries, speeches of the scholars, and other books, and presented in the context of present times.About the AuthorSyed Taj Ahmad is an Islamic research analyst and the author of several books. To him, the single most important factor for the reformation and awakening of the Muslim ummah is the understanding of the Quran.He believes that a daily reading of even one verse of the Quran with its translation will completely alter our lives, force open all the closed doors of success, enhance our decision-making ability, bless our provisions, and bring serenity to our lives.He is a Chartered Accountant by profession currently working with a reputable investment company in Riyadh. Prior to this, he was associated with a Canadian financial institution during his stay in Toronto.He has authored several books including “Dil Shikashta Na ho” (don’t be disheartened) and “purify your wealth” a book on the rules of zakat (obligatory charity).The book in consideration is based on the golden secrets revealed in the Quran and the Hadith of the prophet SAW. Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Syed Taj Ahmed Binding: Hardback Pages: 318 Size in inches: 6.75x9.5x0.65 Size in CM: 17x24.5x1.5