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Hans Wehr Dictionary Of Modern Written Arabic (Arabic-English)

Hans Wehr Dictionary Of Modern Written Arabic (Arabic-English)


This dictionary presents the vocabulary and phraseology of modern written Arabic. It is based on the form of the language which, throughout the Arab world from Iraq to Morocco, is found in the prose of books, newspapers, periodicals, and letters. This form is also employed in formal public address, over radio and television, and in religious ceremonial. The dictionary will be most useful to those working with writings that have appeared since the turn of the century

The morphology and syntax of written Arabic are essentially the same in all Arab countries. Vocabulary differences are limited mainly to the domain of specialized vocabulary. Thus the pest, to ensure the written language continues, as it has done throughout centuries of linguistic unity of the Arab world. It provides a medium of communication over the vast dialects it transcends. Indeed, a geographical area whose numerous and widely diverse local it gives the Arabic people of many countries a sense of identity and an awareness of their common cultural heritage.

Author Hans Wehr / Edited by J. Milton Cowan
Binding Hardback
Pages 1110
Size in Inches 6x9x2
Size in Centimeters 15x22x5.5
Edition 3rd 


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