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Forty Hadiths on Poisonous Social Habits


By: Yahya M. A. Ondigo
Pages: 384
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9" (15x22 cm)
SKU/ISBN: 9786035011747
Edition: 1st (2013)

Brief Synopsis:

This is a collection of Ahadith from Prophet Muhammad covering various social evils and approved habits.


There are a lot of habits that we believe to be acceptable in our daily lives while in fact they are just the opposite. These kinds of habits create a bad or an unfavorable impression and you remain stuck with those impressions; consciously or unconsciously you know them to be wrong yet you are unable to pinpoint them. This book of Ahadiths will help you find them and help remove them. A Collection of Ahadiths of the Holy Prophet (s) that have been briefly described and commented on by Author. Social ills such lying, stealing, gambling, and so on create a negative impact on not only us but the society as well, hence they are all pointed out. These vices are elaborated and then are given an insight in to how they could be removed from the system and avoided later on. Includes further Ahadiths as well as Quranic verses for more proof. This book has been designed so that it makes us realize that these actions are actually poisonous for us in the long run and they must be admonished and removed from our system so that we are not tempted to do them again. May Allah help us.

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