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Explanation of Important Lessons (for every Muslim)


The book offers explanation of many Surah's from the Quran to highlight various aspects of the religion Islam. Reading it is a great educational experience as Muslims can learn details related to the Pillars of Islam, two testimonies, essentials of purification and cleanliness, Faith in Allah and his Prophets, Islamic manners, actions liked and disliked by Allah and different form of Shirk. The book is worth reading as it can doublefold the knowledge of any Muslim.

In this book the author Muhammad bin Ali Al-Arfaj aims at explaining the fundamentals of Islam in eighteen chapters. It is a useful guide for those who want to achieve Allahs blessings by perfecting their Belief, Worship and Manners. The knowledge of Islamic fundamentals such as The Pillars of Islam, Branches of Faith, and different kinds of sins can help readers increase their understanding of Islam and improve their routine practices according to Islamic values.

Readers can gain knowledge and insight into Allahs religion which will help them perform their duties in the true light of Islam. The contents of Explanation of Important Lessons are based on the superior knowledge imparted by Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz who was known for his knowledge of Islamic judgments and rulings. The book has a special chapter on the topic of Ihsan alone. The knowledge imparted in this chapter is beneficial for all. This feature distinguishes it from other Islamic books. Readers can learn and enlighten themselves with the explanation of numerous short Surahs such as Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al- Falaq and Surah Al- Masad, etc. Readers can enhance their knowledge of Tawhid and levels of Shirk. All Muslims must understand the concept of Tawhid fully for the completion of Iman and this book is a reliable aid for recognizing shirk and its forms and for learning ways to strengthen Iman.

Reader can nourish their minds with ample knowledge of the particulars of Salah, Sunnah related to the Prayer and actions that can nullify prayer. Very few books offer details of Wudu and actions that can nullify Wudu. This book is rich in reliable knowledge about this fundamental of Ibadah. Islamic mannerisms can best be learnt in the chapters of this book. There are rich examples from the Sunnah to guide Muslims. Readers can learn about different kinds of sins and the ways to avoid them to be better Muslims. Explanation of Important Lessons is an answer to the prayers of Muslim knowledge seekers who are troubled by the religious confusions of this Era.

Burial rites and rituals according to the Quran and Sunnah are explained to benefit the readers. Those who seek knowledge related to preparing the body of the dead and other relevant essentials can benefit from this book. Study questions conclude the contents of this treatise. These questions and their answers make the information easy to remember and digest. The readers can get acquainted with problems and their solutions related to various social and religious segments. The question/answers pattern at the end makes the information in the book highly comprehensive for the readers.

This book is a short work to explain what every Muslim needs to know about the religion of Islam. It covers many lessons under 18 chapters. List of detailed topics can be found below:

Table of Contents
Preface To The First Edition
Important Points To Consider Before Reading

Lesson One
Surat Al-Fatihah And Other Short Surahs
Surat Al-Fatihah
Surat Az-Zalzalah
Surat Al- Adiyat
Surat Al-Qari'ab
Surat At-Takathur
Surat Al-Asr
Surat Al-Humazah
Surat Al-Fil
Surab Quraish
Surat AI Ma'un
Surat Al-Kawthar
Surat Al-Kafirun
Surat An Nasr
Surat Al-Masad
Surat Al-Ikhlas
Surat Al-Falaq
Surat AnNas

Lesson Two
The Pillars Of Islam. Lesson Three
The Pillars And Branches of Faith
Lesson Four
The Categories Of T'awhid And Shirk

Lesson Five
The Levels Of Ihsan

Lesson Six
The Conditions For Prayer

Lesson Seven
The Pillars (Arkan) of Prayer

Lesson Eight
The Obligatory Elements Of Prayer

Lesson Nine
An Explanation Of The Tashahhud

Lesson Ten
The Sunan Elements Of Prayer
Sajdah As-Sahw: The Prostration For Forgetfulness
Actions That Are Disliked During The Prayer

Lesson Eleven
Actions That Nullify One's Prayer

Lesson Twelve
The Conditions Of Wudhu' (Islamic Ablution)

Lesson Thirteen
Elements That Are Obligatory (Fardh) In The Wudhu'

Lesson Fourteen
Actions That Nullify One's Ablution

Lesson Fifteen
Every Muslim Must Adorn Himself With Manners That Are Legislated By Islam

Lesson Sixteen
Taking On Islamic Manners

Lesson Seventeen
A Warning Against Shirk (Associating partners with Allah) And Different Kinds Of Sins

Lesson Eighteen
Preparing The Dead Person's Body, Praying Over Him, And Burying Him. Study Questions


In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

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