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Essentials of Quranic Arabic (2 Vol. Set)


This two-volume series is a guide for those who want to understand the language of the Quran, and yearn to listen to it with comprehension. The methodology of this book is that there is a strong emphasis on mastering the key grammar principles of the Quran alongside "high-yield" Quranic vocabulary.

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Imam Shafi'ee said, “Every Muslim is obligated to learn the Arabic tongue to the utmost of his power in order to profess through it (the message of Islam)…” (al-Risalah, pg.93)

Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah said, “The Arabic language is part of the religion, and knowing it is obligatory. This is because the ability to understand the Quran and Sunnah is obligatory on every Muslim, and yet they cannot be understood without knowing Arabic, and the (general Islamic principle is that) every act that is an essential prerequisite to perform an obligatory act is also obligatory.” (Iqtida Sirat al-Mustaqeem, pg.469)

The second volume is a continuation of study from the first volume. It focuses on several advanced and intermediate Arabic grammar important in a higher level of Qur'inic study. This includes topics in Morphology, Irregular Verbs, and other topics found in Intermediate Arabic Grammar study. Similar to the first volume, numerous examples from the Quran have been given so that our focus is maintained. "Review Questions" are included in the back of this book on the chapters that have been detailed. The last three chapters are focused on more advanced discussions relative to Quranic Arabic such as Eloquence (Balagha) and the Inimitability of the Quran (I'jaz al-Quran).

It is hoped that this Series on Quranic Arabic Grammar will allow one to understand and experience the Lofty and Majestic Words of Allah (swt).

Table of Contents

  1. Lesson 1: Introduction to Arabic grammar: The Arabic word
  2. Lesson 2: I'rab and flexibility
  3. Lesson 3: The Pronouns and the pointing nouns
  4. Lesson 4: Particles and broken plurals
  5. Lesson 5: Word constructions
  6. Lesson 6: The nominal sentence
  7. Lesson 7: Types of nominal sentences
  8. Lesson 8: Introduction to verbs
  9. Lesson 9: The verbal sentence
  10. Lesson 10: The verb of command, I'rab of verbs, verbal particles, and verbs in  the future tense
  11. Lesson 11: The passive verb, the doer noun, the passive noun
  12. Lesson 12: Verb families
  13. Glossary of Arabic Grammar Terms
  14. Review questions for Essentials of Quranic Arabic
  15. Answer key for review questions
  16. References

Sample Pages 

learn quranic arabic

 learn quranic arabic

learn quranic arabic

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learn quranic arabic



About the Author

Masood RanginwaIa has studied Arabic with various teachers and institutions. He has been teaching basic Quranic Arabic over the past few years at the Islamic Learning Foundation, an institution of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). He earned a Diploma in General Islamic Studies from the Islamic Online University (IOU). At IOU, he is currently the Arabic Studies Coordinator for the Diploma Series. He also earned the Sibawayh Degree in Arabic Studies from the Qibla Institute. He is currently an active member of ICNA. He was also a founding member of Young Muslims, a grassroots organization and had been active with them for several years. He is a practicing emergency physician and resides with his wife and two children in New Jersey.