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End of the World


Book Information:

By: Dr. Muhammad Al-'Areefi
Pages: 425
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9" (14x21 cm)
Format: Full Color

This book shows us the signs of the Last Hour and a description of the Day of Judgement so that we could recognise the signs easily instead of getting mislead by false rumour and untrue claims of the modern times. This book describes the end of the world according to the teachings of the Quran and references from Ahadeeth and hence provides the entire Mankind with the truth about the Last hour so that Muslims could make preparations to face Allah Almighty to answer for their deeds in this world.

In recent times things have become very confusing and we have begun to see in book stores and on websites speculations about future events, based on ayah and hadeeths which refer to these future events concerning the signs of the Hour.

Sometimes you hear about the appearance of the Mahdi, sometimes you hear that the final battle between the Good and the Evil is close at hand, other time you hear some thing happening in the East or in the West.

So, learn about the Final hour and it signs by reading this book which is backed by proofs from Quran and Hadith.


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