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DUAs for Success (book) - 100+ Duas from Quran and Sunnah for success and happiness


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One of the men during Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) time came to him for an advice. This man, under an enormous pressure of debt, wanted a spiritual advice from the prophet that would ease and eliminate his load of debt. In return, the prophet taught him a specific dua (supplication) that ended up being one of the most recited du’as by Muslims today. The interesting thing to note is that rather than the prophet just telling him to ask Allah for his needs, he actually taught him the words to use to ask Allah for the removal of debts. We see this also in the Quran where based on different situations, Allah teaches us to ask with the specific Du’as in those tough situations (e.g. when Prophet Moses was stuck between a sea in front of him and Pharaoh’s approaching army from the back).

This book compiles 100+ Du’as in the words of the Quran and the Prophet to help us with those tough and challenging situations. Get this book and change your daily life to recite these du’as in the words taught by Allah and the Prophet rather than the general words that most of us normally use.

This book contains authentic Du'as for today's Muslim to address the ongoing challenges of this life! It is an essential source of Du'as asking Allah to cleanse our souls as a Muslim and to fill in the gaps of disappointments, sadness, and worries! 

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These Du'as are selected for those special circumstances in life, which a number of people find challenging. These include tough situations including Rizq (life provisions), health, wealth, relief from debt, and other distressful situations. (See the review below and book description later).

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  • Relief from debts
  • Increase in Rizq (provisions)
  • Relief from anxiety and calmness in hearts
  • Ease of difficulties
  • Blessings for self and family
  • Asking for righteous children
  • Forgiveness of sins
  • Staying firm in faith
  • Asking for a sound character
  • Asking for security for family
  • High status in this life and the hereafter
  • Refuge from calamities
  • High status in Jannah
  • Tawakkul (trust) in Allah
  • Success in this life and the hereafter
  • Health and wealth
  • Asking for lawful provisions
  • Protection from persecution
  • Refuge from laziness and old age
  • Relief from poverty
  • Protection from Satan and other evils
  • and 100+ more Duas

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Get this book in your hands and immediately start noticing the benefit of the immense power of these 100+ selected DUAs that have been compiled from Quran and various authentic sources of Hadith.


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This book includes authentic DUAs from the Quran and Hadith. Specifically, the source of DUAs are the following:

  • Quran verses
  • Sahih Bukhari,
  • Sahih Muslim
  • Abu Dawood
  • Tirmidhi
  • Ibn Maja,
  • and more 

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 5 star rating islamic