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Divine Decree and Foreordainment

Divine Decree and Foreordainment


The foreordained and divine decree continue to be a point of contention within the Ummah, of old and later times. It is reported that the prophet ﷺ came out to his companions whilst they were debating regarding the Qadar and he prohibited them from doing so and informed them that: ما أهلك الذين من قبلكم إلا هذا الجدال“Nothing destroyed those who were before you except this disputation.” However, Allah has facilitated the affair for His believing slaves, the pious predecessors, who traversed upon the path of balance in that which they know and say; and it is that the foreordained of Allah, the Exalted, and His divine decree is from His Lordship over His creation. Thus, it enters into one of the three aspects of Tawhid into which the people of knowledge have categorized the Tawhid of Allah, the Mighty and Majestic:The First Aspect: Tawhid Al-Uluhiyah (Oneness of Allah’s Worship); and it is to single out Allah, the Exalted, with worship. The Second Aspect: Tawhid Ar-Rububiyah (Oneness of Allah’s Lordship); and it is to single out Allah with creation, ownership, and management.The Third Aspect: Tawhid Al-Asma was-Sifat (Oneness of Allah’s Names and Qualities). Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Muhammad bin Salih al-Uthaymeen Binding: Paperback Pages: 25 Size in inches: 6x9x0.10 Size in CM: 15x23x0.3