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Consider Islam: Disproving the Patriots of Propaganda

Consider Islam: Disproving the Patriots of Propaganda


Both factual evidence and erroneous information are more readily available in today’s world than ever before in history. Many people have allowed the use of propaganda and thirty-second soundbites to mold their views about Islam and Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings upon him) without their doing any form of legitimate study or research for themselves. Author Kenny Bomer (Mujahid Islam) addresses this situation head-on in detailed chapters which shed light on the use of propaganda to attack various groups throughout history. Bomer calls the reader’s attention to those tactics, which have been studied and perfected, to tarnish people’s views of Islam. Bomer addresses misconceptions in detail, asking the reader to consider what Islam is while rejecting what Islam is not.About the Author:Kenny Bomer (Mujahid Islam) has been a revert to Islam from Christianity for over thirty years. He currently resides in Houston, Texas, and is the president of the Brazosport Islamic Society in Lake Jackson, Texas, located an hour south of Houston. He is a student of Mishkah University where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies, and he is the Head Dai’ for the Houston branch of the world-wide Dawah organization, Mercy For Mankind. He is an independent researcher in the field of comparative religions, a public speaker and debater, and a community activist having organized numerous food/blanket drives to feed the homeless and needy in both Houston and Lake Jackson. Kenny Bomer is a former hip-hop artist having signed two record deals in his life with the record labels Mr. Henry/Ichiban Records (1986) and King B Music (2000). He became a certified Protection and Response (PAR) instructor with the Department of Juvenile Justice through Cypress Creek Juvenile Corrections facility in Crystal River, Florida, where he was qualified to train employees in crisis intervention and self-defense/take-down tactics and is currently a certified API (510) Pressure Vessel Inspector through the American Petroleum Institute. At the age of eleven, he became a ward of the state after he and his younger brother were abandoned shortly after his parents separated. He became a resident of the Brazoria County Youth Home (BCYH) in Freeport, Texas, where he lived until the age of eighteen. While residing at the BCYH, he was first exposed to religion through Christian employees of the BCYH who attended Assemblies of God Churches. It was during that time that he was also exposed to Islam through his partner in music who became a member of the Nation of Islam, best known by Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, and Elijah Muhammad. He embraced Orthodox Islam at the age of seventeen after reading the Qur’an for the first time, and through examining the religion of Islam during his own independent studies and research. Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Kenny Bomer (Mujahid Islam) Binding: Paperback Pages: 179 Size in inches: 6x9x0.5 Size in CM: 15.5x23x1.20