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At-Tawassul (Using a Means to Seek Allah's Help)



 At-Tawassul (Using a Means to Seek Allah's Help) is a book by Darussalam Research Division. This book is of 40 pages.

Publisher's Note

Actually, the topic of Tawassul (using a means to seek Allah's help) is one of the controversial issues among Muslim nation that has not been understood in its due perspective, and which proved hostility and hatred among different groups.

Muslims are supposed to rely on the understanding of Salaf (Prophet and his Companions, the second generation after them, and the third generation after). These are the best generations as the Prophet (S) told us.

I regret to say that only a few number of Muslims adhere and follow the way of Salaf regarding this subject while a lot of them deviated from the right way and fell into the stagnant pool of innovations and superstitions.

The author really clarified this topic by mentioning the proofs and evidences which support the three types of the allowed Tawassul and at the same time answered the suspicions and confusions surrounding this matter.

May Allah guide Muslims to the proper understanding and practice of the allowed Tawassul.

  • Abdul Malik Mujahid
  • General Manager, Darussalam     


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