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Are You Hurt? 20 Formulas for a Forbearing Heart

Are You Hurt? 20 Formulas for a Forbearing Heart


The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, "If the Muslim relates with the people and forbears when they hurt him, he is better than the Muslim who would not relate with the people nor forbear over hurt they direct to him." (At-Tirmidhee and Ibn Maajah)Shaykh al-Islam ibn Taimiyyah رحمه ﷲ mentioned the virtues of returning forbearance and kindness when envy and hurt were directed toward us. He summarized 20 formulas that will help us how to exercise patience in this invaluable book.Table of ContentsPonder about Their CreatorLooking InwardsRemember the Great RewardsForgiveness is SweetRetaliation Brings DemeanRewards are in the Form of DeedsThoughts of Reprisal is UnhealthyRetaliating and Gratifying the SelfRecompense for Patience is GuaranteedAllah Likes the Forbearing ServantPatience is a Half of EemaanForbearance is Self-ControlDon't Fight ItForbearance Holds Back AggressionAvoid Worse CasesRevenge is Self-ServingDo Not Lose Atonement for SinsPreserve Your ForcesGaining the EdgesEarning for Good Deeds Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Ibn Taymiyyah Binding: Paperback Pages: 68 Size in inches: 5x7x0.12 Size in CM: 13x17.5x0.5