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Arabic: Mukhtasar Tafsir Fateh Al-Qadeer


Book Information:

By: Imam Shawkani
Pages: 1840
Binding: Hardback
Size: 7x10" (18x25 cm)
Edition: 1st Edition 2007


With the Quran having multiple ways to be interpreted, this book on the tafseer is perfect guide to the Quran, written by Imam Shawkani.

  • Beautifully Illustrated Arabic of the Quran
  • Easy to understand language translations of the Quran, so you understand what is being said
  • Author's comments on the translation of the Quran, to gain further insight in to the whole Tafeer
  • Hardcover in order to keep the contents safe and sound

A Must read for all of those who wish to gain an insight in to the Quran and its deep meanings. You will be able to benefit from its contents, educate yourself to lead your life in a purely Islamic way.

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