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Allah Forgives Mistakes And Sins


Allah Forgives Mistakes And Sins is a book by Darussalam Research Division. This book is of 37 pages.

Table of Contents

1. Allah forgives Mistakes and Sins 10
2. Allah Forgives Sins 11
3. Meaning of Istighfaar 12
4. The Qur'an Encourages Seeking Forgiveness from Allah 14
5. The Benefits and Virtues of Istighfaar 17
6. The Method of Istighfaar 19
7. Conditions of Valid Istighfaar 21
8. Times and Instances When Istighfaar is Encouraged 23
        i) Istighfaar during Prayer 23
        ii) Istighfaar after Finishing the Prayer 24
        iii) The Best Istighfaar during the Day and by Night 25
        iv) Istighfaar on Friday 28
        vi) Istighfaar when one Rides on an Animal, or uses Other Means of Transportation 32
vii). Istighfaar after Leaving the Bathroom 33
9. What Do We Say in Reply To Those Who Ask Allah to Forgive Us? 35
10. Saying Istighfaar Before Leaving a Meeting 36


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