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Al-Qaaidah Al-Qur'aaniyyah - An Introduction to Tajweed

Al-Qaaidah Al-Qur'aaniyyah - An Introduction to Tajweed


Learning to read the Qur’an properly is one of the many obligatory duties of a Muslim. Recitation gets better and more beautiful as one continues to read the Qur’an, meticulously following the rules and techniques Qur’anic recitation (tajweed).If you want to learn the art of Qur’anic recitation in the most beautiful and sublime manner, then this is the book for you. Al-Qaaidah Al Quraaniyyah is a good book to learn tajweed easily with lessons, extensive notes, and exercises for the English-speaking students. Product Attributes:: Subtitle: القاعدة القرآنية Author: Qari Muhammad Idrees Asim Binding: Paperback Pages: 112 Size in inches: 6.70x9.5x0.20 Size in CM: 17x24x0.50