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Affection and Aversion (Al-Walaa and Al-Baraa)



Affection and Aversion (Al-Walaa and Al-Baraa) is a book by Darussalam Research Division. This book is of 32 pages.

Publisher's Note

The subject of Walaa' (affection) for believers and Baraa' (aversion) with disbelievers is one of the most important religious issues which is related to the Articles of Faith. Lack of this matter will certainly lead to coming out of the fold of Islam.

Unfortunately, the majority of Muslims nowadays follow and imitate disbelievers in customs, rituals and traditions which are against the teachings of Islam. It will be useful if they follow them in the field of technology and science.

This book sheds light on this topic to implant the spirit of joining and supporting the believers and warns them against the bad consequences of copying the same style of life of disbelievers.

We hope that Muslims will get benefited from it and adopt the necessary measures to act upon the orders of our religion.

  • Abdul Malik Mujahid
  • General Manager, Darussalam

Other Sources:

Allah Guides and Sends Astray Whomever He Wants - Surah Isra Verse 97

Allah haas made some more powerful over Others - Surah Zukhruf Verse 31-32, Quran