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30 Separate Parts (13-Line Sipara Set Hardback 181)

30 Separate Parts (13-Line Sipara Set Hardback 181)


This 13-line Indo-Pak/Persian script hardback Quran from Qudratuallah has bold font on glossy paper. Each para/juz has about 28 pages. Each Para is individually bound and comes in a box as shown. Individual parts are excellent for children as they are easy to carry instead of a heavy copy of the Mushaf. It is also easy to read from since it has 13-lines per page making the font bigger. The whole juz set comes in a box as shown for easy carrying and storage.This is the hardback version which is thicker and takes up more space than the paperback version which is available from the related items (code #QP30a). If you need even larger font, you can go with the 9-line/page set.Note: The hardback color may be different than as pictured depending on current stock. Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Binding: Hardback Pages: 28 Each Book Size in inches: 7.25x9.75x0.25/Each book - 10x7.5x8/Box Size in CM: 18.5x24.5x0.65/Each book - 26x19x20/Box