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Story of Prophet Yusuf (Prophet Joseph) (3 Parts)


Story of Prophet Yusuf is a set of 3 books about Prophet Yusuf (A) for children with the books listed below:

Part 1: Fire of Jealousy

What would be more strange than the fact that a person becomes enemy of other only because that other person is righteous and pious, and it is very painful when this enmity is found in a real brother. In this story, enmity because of righteousness and piety, is found in ten brothers and not only in one, all igniting the fire of envy in themselves. They were all willing to burn in this fire, their innocent brother were entirely ignorant of their malicious plan. So, he became their victim, but he was not desperate of the help of Allah... The great and precisely true story of a highly revered personality who remained stead fast and did not lose confidence. - ISBN: 9960-892-16-6

Part 2: In the King's Court

Some ailments take place due to the deeds of the persons but, however, some take place which no one can be responsible for. Such reluctant conditions occur in every ones life and prove to be a big trial for him. So, what should one do in these situations? Whether one should bear them considering them to be the preordainment, or one should face them with faithfulness and truthfulness, with the use of knowledge, intellect and rationality given by Allah, the Most High? You will find the best answers to such questions in this book. This book has the power to change failure into success. For persons who want to live with truth and honesty in their life it is very necessary to study this book. - ISBN: 9960-892-17-4

Part 3: From Dream to Reality

It is a story described by Quran in its own style. The early years of a Prophet who fell victim to ailments and envy. A Prophet remained patient for the sake of Allah on each calamity from his childhood to his youth age. A Prophet whose adolescence was not submissive to any beautiful woman. A slave who gained royal power and dignity due to his good traits. A truthful person who was awarded the knowledge of interpreting dreams. A person who provided happiness to the persons who brought sadness to him. A being who gave the colors of love to hatefulness. A captive revered even by the criminals. A true story interesting for everyone. A mesmerizing story that is also enlightening. Come, let us study the great story of history to provide reality to our dreams. - ISBN: 9960-892-15-8

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