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Basic Principles of ISLAM



 'Basic Principles of Islam' is a great book by Shareef Ahmad. This small booklet takes walks the reader through all the fundamentals of Islam. This book is a very good read for all Muslims as well as non-Muslims. This book is also a great tool to teach students about Islam.

Contents of this book:

1. Islam        2. Allah        3. Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
4. Iman (Belief)                 5. The Noble Qur'an
6. The Five Pillars of Islam: Shahadah, Prayer, Zakat, Fasting Hajj.
7. The Mosque
8. Manners of a Muslim

Other Sources: 

Example of Spider's House in the Quran - Quran verse in Surah al-Ankabut
Explains how worldly difficulties are our test