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Arabic for Beginners Book 5 - Intermediate Level


By: Muhammad S. Adly
Pages: 64
Binding: Paperback
Size: 8.5x11" (21x28 cm)
SKU/ISBN: 9780983107736
Edition: 1st, (2012)

Brief Synopsis:

Learn Arabic through easy to attempt practice exercises and revision tests. The chapters in Arabic for Beginners Book 5 progress from easy to difficult.


What is the best way to learn Arabic? Practice, Practice, and more Practice! For that, you have the paperback language learning book Arabic for Beginners where the teachings are such that you will have little difficulty in understanding the language in a short period of time. Revision notes are inserted throughout the paperback that would help remember the techniques learnt in the previous books Simple and Easy to understand, the wordings used in the book can be easily grasped and understood. Small tests for understanding have been included to make sure that the learning is going according to the pace of the book. After the entire course is followed properly, there will be no reason to doubt that you know the language at a moderate level. After all, knowing the language of the Quran is all the more reason to help understand what the Word of Allah actually is.

Other Sources: 

As-Shakur (The Grateful) - Allah's Name

Ash-Shahid(The Witness) - Allah's Name