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Our Prophet Muhammad (S)


The knowledge of the life of the Holy Prophet can make Muslims successful in their present life and the life hereafter. He was perfection incarnate, someone who not only received Divine Revelation and spread the message of Allah but practices Islam to set unmatchable example for the Muslims to follow. This book presents every detail of Prophet Muhammad's life in an examplary manner, his family life, his personal matters and his character has been revealed for Muslims to learn from.

If you only have information and knowledge about one human being in your life, knowing about the Prophet Muhammad (S) is the most beneficial. Everything that he did was beneficial. Everything he said was beneficial. Everything he showed his Companions and the rest of the world was beneficial. No one's life was studied closer and in more detail than his. He let his private life, his family life and his business dealings be the subject of study. He let every aspect of his life even his tears be the subject of study. There is no figure in Islamic and world history whose life, public and personal, is so well documented by eyewitness reports. It is a really enlightening document to study.

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