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History of Islam 2: Umar ibn al-Khattab (R)


Brief Synopsis: 

This book is a part of Islamic history books series. It covers the life and times of the second Caliph of Islam who was the closest companion of the Prophet (SAW). It is essential for all Muslims to be aware of the history of Islam and draw guidance and inspiration from the lives of great Muslim personalities such as Caliph Umar bin Al-Khattab. This book is the second in a series of four books about the rightly guided Caliphs of Islam. Some features of the book are:

  • Accurate factual details from the Caliphate of Umar bin Al-Khattab.
  • Biography of Umar bin Al-Khattab, his early life, acceptance of Islam, companionship with the Prophet (SAW), marriage, children and family life, and Caliphate.
  • References to the Quran and Sunnah wherever required.
  • Conquests and battles during the Caliphate of Umar bin Al-Khattab.
  • A separate chapter on the character and personality of Caliph Umar.
  • Colorful illustrations.
  • Activities at the end of every chapter to test the knowledge gained.

This book can be used to educate students of grade 6 about the history of Islam as a part of an Islamic education curriculum.


This is the second volume from this series, which deals with the life of Umar ibn al-Khattab ( ), the second of the Four Rightly-Guided Caliphs. The evaluation of Amir al-Mu'minin Umar al-Farooq, may Allah be pleased with him, and his far-sighted policies is captured in a statement attributed to the Prophet (S), 'There were in the nations before you "inspired people", and if there is any one of them in my nation, it is Omar.'

Darussalam presents the entire History of Islam to our youth in language that appeals to them, in a simple yet lucid manner. The first four volumes in this series explore Islamic history during the period of the first Four Rightly-Guided Caliphs. Later volumes would be devoted to the History of Islam, down through the ages to modern times, insha'Allah.

History of Islam - A Reader Series - Suitable for Grade Six (Age group 10+)
The Age of the Rightly Guided Caliphs - Al-Khulafa ar-Rashidun
Umar bin al-Khattab (R): The Second of the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs

Table of Contents:

History of Islam



Chapter 1

  • Umar Ibn-alKhattab ,The second of the....
  • Four Rightly-Guided Caliphs
  • The early life of Umar Ibn-alKhattab
  • Umar's Acceptance of Islam
  • Umar's decision tO kill the Messenger(P.B.U.H.) of Allah
  • Allah's Messenger(P.B.U.H.)gives Umar the application of 'al-faruq'
  • Umar's Hijrah or Emigration to Madina

Chapter 2

  •  Umar participated in of the Prophet's Battles
  • Reinforcements for Iraq:Campaign under Abu Ubayd
  • The battle of Namariq: 13 AH
  • The Battle of Kaskar
  • Abu Ubayd's Battle of the bridge
  • The battle of Buwaib Ramadan 13 AH
  • The Persian Empire shaken to its Foundations
  • Muthanna sends an urgent message to Umar
Chapter 3
  • Umar's preparations to face the Persians
  • Sa'd Ibn Abi waqas appointed as a commander
  • Sa'd's arrival in Iraq and death of Muthanna
  • Sa'd encamps at Qadisiyah Qadisiyah
  • Umar asks Sa'd to send a delegation
  • Rustom advances with his great his army
  • Ribei ibn Amir in the court of Rustom

Chapter 4

  • The battle of Qadisiyah
  • Good News of the victory reaches Umar
  • The Eastern Roman Empire
  • The conquest of Damascus,Syria
  • Applying some clever military strategies

Chapter 5

  • The conquest of Jerusalem[16 AH,637 CE]
  • Text of the Jerusalem Pact
  • Conquest of Egypt and Libya
  • Route of the conquest
  • The conquest of Pelusium
  • The conquest of Bilbeis
  • The conquest of Umm Danin
  • Battle at the castle of Babylon
  • Conquest of Alexandria
  • The conquest of Barca and Trpoli(Libya)

Chapter 6

  • Umar's Personality
  • Umar's supplication on his last Pilgrimage[Hajj] in 23 AH
  • Umar's desire for Martyrdom
  • The last Friday sermon Delivered by Umar
  • Umar's prohibition for letting captives of war stay in Madina
  • The murder of Umar Ibn-alKhattab

Chapter 7

  • A new method to select Caliph
  • The Electoral[Connected with Elections]Council:[Ash-shura]
  • Method of electing the Caliph
  • Duration of Elections:Delibrations
  • Uthman Bin Affan elected as Successor
  • Date of death and Umar's age at that time
  • Character of Umar And ahievements of his caliphate
  • Achievements of Umar's caliphate
  • His Personal life
  • Umar as Caliph
  • Umar and his establishment of Diwan or the state Treasury
  • Relations with the people of the Book
  • Women's treatment

 Other Sources: 


Surah An-Nahl (Honey) (Chapter 16) from Quran - Arabic English Translation
Surah An-Najm (Chapter 53) from Quran - Arabic English Translation