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Hindrances on the Path


This booklet by Abdul Malik Al-Qasim focuses on several Islamic social norms and social evils that exist despite thenselves. He sheds light on how a Muslim Society should be and what are the minor things usually neglected by both genders. There are narratives collected to show various aspects of the Islamic society. This booklet offers guidance on how to control evil talking, revealing secrets, deception, not respecting the neighbours etc. It also targets essentials which are often neglected by women such as observing veil, delaying marriage, neglecting children and parents etc. this booklet educates Muslims on how important minor social obligations are and how essential it is to deal with them in the light of islamic teachings.

Hindrances on the Path is a very enlightening booklet by Abdul Malik Al-Qasim. He has collected several stories and narrations that demonstrate the Islamic society. There are many small but very important social manners, which we deal with wrongfully. Specially women do not care about it and do it often. The Author has pointed out very silently but in a typical manner, just like: neglecting the rights of the neighbors, exposing one's secrets, interfering in the affairs of others, evil talking, etc.

Contents in Brief:
Neglecting the Rights of the Neighbors. Lie regarding Marriage. Exposing One's Secrets. Not observing Veil. Delaying Marriage. Not neglecting shortcomings of each other. Interfering in the Affairs of Others. Minor mistakes. Evil talking. Neglecting children. Bad treatment with parents. Neglecting the Rights of parents. Evil Companions, Not wearing proper Islamic Hijab. Not caring for the children. Discouraging wife. Exposing the family secrets. Exposing the beauty. Not raising the children in a good manner. Not enjoining good and not forbidding evil.

Other Sources: 

Surah Al-Quraish (Chapter 106) from Quran - Arabic English Translation
Surah Al-Taghabun (Chapter 64) from Quran - Arabic English Translation