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Farewell Advice of the Prophet (S)




The people of ummah are facing such a tough situation in the world today mainly because of their own mistakes. The blame of weakness of backwardness of muslim community cannot be blamed on Shaitan because it was us who forgot the true message of Prophet Muhammad and consequently we are suffering in this world. Those who hasten to do good deeds are in competition to find a cure for our Nation and its woes. The medicines, rather the panaceas that are proffered are many, yet the situation remains as it is - except in certain quarters, where scattered efforts are made, but not enough to effect an overall change. If we truly want a universal cure to our woes, we must study the advice and farewell guidance given by the Prophet (pbuh) to his Companions and to his Nation. If we want to make our lives better we must therefore take time to understand the last advice of prophet Muhammad Pbuh and try to act upon it as much as possible

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