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Biography of the Prophet (S) (2 Vol. Set)


This biography of the Prophet is notable as it is written by Shaikh Abdullah, the son of the legend Al-Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab.

All the events of the life of the Prophet have been described in this biography in chronological order, i.e. from his childhood till he was called by the Lord of the universe.

The important stages like migration, all the expeditions, establishment of the Islamic government on the best principles of honesty, moral value and corrupt less society.

Also, the burning issues of modern world like the rights of the oppressed, liberation of the slaves, dignity of the women sufferings of the human beings along with the human brotherhood and league of nations have been dealt with comprehensively.

Author: Shaikh Abdullah
Translator: Sameh Strauch
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 992
Size in Inches: 6x9x1.2
Size in Centimeters: 15x22
Actual Weight: 3.18

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