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Arabic: Aqdiyat Al-Khulafaa (2 Vol. Set)


Book Information:

By: Dr. R. K. Noor Mohammad
Pages: 1279
Binding: Hardback
Size: 7x9.7"(17.5x24.5 cm)
Edition: 1st , 2003


If you wish to learn more about the lives of the first four Caliphs of Islam then this is the best book for you. The book covers the following topics:

  • Historical aspects of the lives of the first four Caliphs of Islam and the societal framework. 
  • Accurate biographical details from history along with Fatawa of that time. 
  • Their relationship with Prophet Muhammad and assistance in propagation of Islam 
  • Their character and personality traits described in the most inspiring way 
  • Their personal lives and relationship with friends and family to provide guidance and inspiration to readers in their relationship with friends and family. 
  • Their services and love for Allah and his Deen, with controversies of their times and political issues. 
  • The contents of the book have been supported with references from Quran and Ahadith and are authentic. 

This book is a great source of knowledge for those who wish to educate themselves with some parts of Islamic history and draw inspiration for a rich Islamic and focused life.

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