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16 Aug '16

Pakistani Americans and Muslims

Posted by Laila T in Pakistani Americans

Pakistani Americans

Pakistani Americans are the ones who migrated from Pakistan and now live in the United States. Living in America, most Pakistani Americans have adopted to the culture but majority of them sticks to their Islamic and Muslim roots. New York has the largest Pakistani American population. Most Pakistani Americans are Muslims and element of religion is quite prominent in Pakistani American community.

pakistani american

Majority of Pakistani Americans are highly educated and are working at senior level positions. Pakistani Americans have made notable contributions in various fields such as sports, philanthropy, military and politics. Most prominent names in this regard are Shahid Khan, Saqib Ali and Huma Abedin.  According to American Factfinder, Pakistani Americans are usually high achievers academically and are better educated than other heritage groups. Pakistani Americans retain a strong bond with their home land and follow politics and cricket updates all the way through.

Pakistani American Businesses


Green Card Capital assists you to get investor visa in America.


Flex-N-Gate manufactures plastic and steel original equipment components along with mechanical assemblies for automobile manufacturers


Tate & Lyle plc is a multinational agribusiness. It manufactures sugar based food ingredients and industrial chemicals and animal foods.

Pakistani American - References 

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