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22 Apr '16

Islamic Art (The Works of Salma Arastu)

Posted by Nosheen Z in Islamic Art

Art, in general is defined as something that human beings create in pictorial or other forms through their skill and imagination to capture experiences, pictures, concepts and thoughts. Islamic Art usually encompasses an area of study whereby Muslims have reflected various cultural and other Islamic traditions in picture forms. This page specifically portrays the works of a US basd Islamic Artist who goes by the name of "Salma Arastu". HilalPlaza.com is proud to bring to our visitors her work. Her work includes Islamic calligraphy on paper as well as ceramic tiles. To buy any of her work, please contact us as sales [@] hilalplaza.com.

My involvement with Islamic Art - By Salma Arastu

Arabic Calligraphy has never been challenged as the supreme art of the Islamic world, reflecting the centrality of the Quranic revelation to Islamic faith and culture. In Islam, the Quran is held to be Allah’s eternal word, giving Arabic a special status as the God’s actual revelation. It was the man’s pure faith to preserve these precious words of Allah that he went on creating more beautiful ways to write these words to please Allah SWT, from early Hijazi style to Kufic, to more cursive scripts.

I was fortunate to view the earliest Quran written on monumental vellum leaves to contemporary styles of Arabic calligraphy in Kuwait National Museum in seventies. The magic of fluent, flowing line captured me and I sat spellbound, following the movement of line and forming precious words. The arabesque designs, presenting eternity, were combined with the flow of Calligraphy. I felt the spirituality and faith mirrored in these jewel like works. And they are constant source of my inspiration.

In the beginning Islamic arts developed as practical arts as the calligraphy and arabesque (continuous pattern of geometric or flowers designs) were drawn on metal pots, leather bags, glass lamps and ceramic bowls. Amazing craftsmanship was revealed as the artist sole purpose was to please God and thus it had to be perfect and meticulous. But as Islam spread all over and while merging with other cultures, Islamic artisans started using this meticulous draftsmanship to produce Book arts and miniature style paintings. Arts and poetry were considered forms of worship. Though the format may have changed over the years as today we create art for the walls more than other objects, but the burning desire to please Allah is still there. Islamic arts gave rise to spirituality in Arts and life.

In this regard, perhaps I can analyze my work better than others. As the line was my leading guide over the blank surface of the canvas while copying Arabic Calligraphy, it became more free, lyrical and energetic. It has allowed me to create Calligraphic designs or flow of humanity. I want to spread Allah’s love by bringing all people together with this single line of positive energy. I have created several pieces which show, unity and celebration together and world harmony. Faceless people are not given the identity and thus represent the entire humanity without differences. We are all human spirit and the color, race and religion were added later. Allah wants us to live together and share together and thus I recreate these visions which show people in celebrations, visiting neighbors, families reunion, celebration of life, glow of unity and hope of the new earth.

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