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08 Sep '16

Muslim Clothing - Hijab (& Niqab) for the Muslimah

Posted by Priyanka S in hijab, hijab design, Islamic Clothes

A very latest style fancy hijab for the Muslimah from the markets of UAE.

The black hijab has a set of beads that shows off on the forehead when the hijab is worn.  Towards the neckline is a sober band of contrast color with beads, that looks likea necklace when worn. The stripe has extended straps that can be tied up from behind to make the hijab be used as a niqab too. A very unique concept added to the existing vast range of ladies hijab section. The hijab is long enough to cover the body till above the waist, so there is no compromise on the modesty attribute.

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hijab and niqab for womenlong hijab for muslimah

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