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23 Aug '16

Abaya styles and designs

Posted by Laila T

Border Abaya

Here are some of the abaya styles and designs that we have carried in the past. Check HilalPlaza.com's online store for latest models and styles.

This black abaya is embroidered and has ribbons that comes in varying colors. It comes with a matching shawl. The fabric is polyester.


Fancy Embroidered Women's Abaya with beads

A very fancy Thobe in a new design made in smooth polyester for extreme comfort. The thobe is double layered and has a rich embroidery right from the neckline to the mid-front portion. The same embroidery is again heavily repeated on the sleeve panels too. This extremely royal looking thobe has beautiful bead work blended intricately in the embroidery to give it that rich feel. 



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