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22 Apr '16

Abaya - What is an Abaya Dress for Muslims?

Posted by Laila T in abaya dress

Abaya are robes like dresses that Muslim women wear on top of regular clothing. The primary purpose of wearing an abaya is to completely cover oneself so as not to expose any bodily attributes or beauty as Islam instructs women to guard their beauty from all men except those who are specifically allowed.

Head abaya

Certain religious interpretations require a women to dress in clothing that should not expose any body formations whatsoever. In such cases, Muslim women wear abaya dresses that rest on top of their heads and extend below the ankles. This ensures that a women’s body formations stay hidden from men who are not lawful to a woman. Many Saudi Abaya fall in this category.

Black abaya

Black abaya are more commonly worn in black in most middle eastern countries, especially those in the Gulf region. These countries include Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and other neighboring countries.

White abaya

These abayas are populary worn in Far Eastern muslim countries.

Colored abaya

As Muslim women buy abaya of various styles, abaya designers have created new abaya fashions and have designed embroidered and colored abaya. These abaya are popularly worn in Jordan, western countries and are also now being worn in Middle Eastern countries.

Abaya dresses come in many types of fabrics. However, Rayon/Polyester and Crepe material is the most common fabric used in their manufacture. Other fabrics used include cotton, chiffone and georgette.



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