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The Silver Dirham

The Silver Dirham


This is an interesting story about the travel of silver Dirham which was collected greedily by the Rus vikings of the 10th century in their obsession with pure silver. This Islamic currency influenced many who pursued it. The Kalima Shahada imprinted on the early Dirham had a magical impact on the hearts of many who came across it. These stories of Dirham's travels are enchanting episodes of the glory of Islam viewed from a very different perspective.

The Arab, Ibn Fadlan and the Persian, Ibn Rustah -- both 10th century chroniclers -- recorded the first encounters between the very different Viking and Muslim worlds. Their Risalahs (travelogues) provide us today with valuable first hand knowledge of the Rus Vikings who lived along the Volga River during this period.

It is a historical fact that, in their almost insatiable pursuit of silver, 10th century Viking tribes imported from far-off Central Asia hundreds of thousands of dirhams -- all clearly bearing the essential and eternal message of Islam: the Kalimah al-Shahadah, La illaha illa Allah ('There is no Deity worthy of worship other than Allah'). As tiny 'messengers of Islam', what effect, if any, did the sublime message emblazoned on their shiny surfaces have on the various peoples who bartered for these coins?

This book attempts to relate the fantastic story of one Samanid dirham, from its humble birth in the silver mines of Badakhshan to its eventual surprise arrival in the New World. The story spans a thousand years and affirms the enduring power of the Kalimah al-Shahadah to change lives -- even in today's turbulent and uncertain world!


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