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Quran by Saheeh Intl (Arabic-English Medium PB)


Brief Synopsis:

The Quran - An Authentic, Accurate and Clear English Translation

This is the now-familiar Saheeh International English translation of the Quran. It includes original Arabic text. It is a paperback edition, measuring roughly 4x6". Sahih/Saheeh International checked many previous translations verse by verse against accepted Arabic tafseer and revised the wording accordingly in clear, contemporary English.


This book contains verse by verse English translation of Holy Quran. It also consists of explanation or tafseer of Ayaat.  The translation and explanation are authentic, easy to understand and precise. Hence, this edition makes it easier to understand the Quran and apply its teachings into daily life. Apart from that Quran by Saheeh International also provides:

  • Table of contents that lists out all the Surahs present in Quran in the proper order of occurrence.
  • Transliteration of Arabic letters along with their correct pronunciation. This makes Arabic reading simple and easy.
  • The English translation of each verse is mentioned next to it.
  • The explanations of Ayaat is mentioned in the form of foot notes at the end of each page.
  • The translation and explanations are easy to understand.

Translating Quran and understanding its essence is not an easy task. However, this book is the ultimate solution to this problem. So now the proper easy translation along with the explanation of Allah’s commands is available in the form of one book. This saves time and provides maximum benefit for all. 


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