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Lying & Envying


Quran and Sunnah has provided guidance over all social evils including the sinful acts of lying and envying which are highly destructive for interpersonal relationships. Allah and his Prophet opnely condemn Lying and envying. This book sheds light on the status and forms of these social evils in the light of the QUran and Sunnah. It also provides valuable solutions to control these evils and spread feelings of compassion and brotherhood.

Truthfulness and kindness are the signs of happiness of the nation and the individual. The key to happiness is sincerity and compassion, while misery is associated with lying and envying. Allah has not blessed any person with a blessing after Islam greater than truthfulness and kindness. Allah has never tried a person with something worse than lying and envying, All forms of lying and envying have been discussed in this publication and the teachings of Islam have been elaborated regarding all these forms and how to cope with them in day-to-day life activities.

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