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Jabir bin Abdullah (R) The Example of Sacrifice


Jabir bin Abdullah's life is a great example for sacrifice for Islam. There are numerous examples of sacrifice that we find in Jabir bin Abdullah's life, therefore the knowledge of the way he lead his life and loved and served Prophet Muhammad might help us lead successful lives as Muslims and achieve Allah's nearness. Jabir bin Abdullah (R) loved Holy Prophet dearly and never left his side. Despite his own needs and poverty he made remarkable sacrifices. All muslims must learn about his character to learn ways to be patient and great lovers and slaves of Allah and His Prophet.

Jabir bin Abdullah (R) embraced Islam when he was a young boy. He loved the Prophet dearly and kept close to him. He sacrificed his happiness for the welfare of his seven sisters. He was always repeating that the Prophet(S) taught him that smiling in his brother's face was a good deed for which a believer would be rewarded by Allah. Although he was very poor, he sacrificed the dire food he had to the Prophet (S) who was tying two stones to his stomach to overcome the feeling of hunger. As a result, his house was blessed, thanks to the prayers made by the Prophet (S).

Golden Series of the Prophets Companions
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107) Abu Dhar Al-Gifari (R): Page 1


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