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Etiquette of Eating and Drinking


This is a great book to train children to learn to eat and drink according to the manners taught by Sunnah. Islam has devised etiquettes for all matters of life which also includes something as simple as table manners. This book offers related ayahs and supplications for young children to learn and use everyday during meals. Both children and adults can benefit from this book.

Publishers Note

In the series of our books for the Muslim children, we are trying to present all the important aspects of Islam in a very easy way, so that children may, learn them without any difficulty.

The present book is on the manners of eating and drinking. All the relevant Hadeeths and Verses have been put together, inviting Muslim children to act upon them and acquire the good manners and traits of Islam.

We hope that children will find these books very interesting to read and understand and very useful to earn rewards by acting upon them.

As the children are the future of Islam, we should provide them with the best possible guidance to make them into better Muslims in their growing age.

It is a truism that good books are a better companion for children, and parents should strive to provide them with such books whenever they can. They should also encourage their children to read them and act upon them.

May Allah help us all in this regard.

Abdul Malik Mujahid
General Manager Darussalam

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