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Coloring Books for Muslim Children


This is a unique book for young learners with illustrations, Quranic verses and Ahadith. One one side the verses are in Arabic the other side of the page has explanation in English language to help learners understand. Beautiful illustrations for colouring make the learning experience more interesting and attractive for young children. This book comprises of fine sayings of the Holy Prophet about basic factors and principles of Islam and help enhance the basic knowledge of Islam of the young learners.

Coloring Books for Muslim Children (5 Part Set)

To introduce the teachings of Islam to the new generation in early age, Dar-us-Salam has prepared this series comprised with excerpts from the Sunnah and Ahadith of our Prophet.

First 4 books in this series give basic concepts of Islam with important sayings of the Prophet (S) for children to color in. Right side of the page has the text in Arabic with the corresponding English text on the left.

Note: Book #1 has been temporarily discontinued.

Book 5 has pictures of different Masajid (Mosques) from around the world for children to color in. Below each picture is the name and description of the Masjid.


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