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Book of Ibns - The Amazing Sons of Islam


For many people, History is only a boring list of names, dates and events. However, the history of Din al-Haqq al-Islam (Islam the religion of Truth) and the peoples of Dar al-Islam (The homeland of Islam), is anything but boring! This book is full of surprising achievements of Muslims from the Islamic Empire right from the Atlantic shores of Morocco to the beaches of the South China Sea. The only common thing amont all these far-flung regions was Islam: the belief in one deity, Allah, and in the Prophet-hood of Muhammad (S).

In the Arab world, a father or a mother can be informally identified as Abu 'Ali ("the father of `Ali") or `Umm Marvam ("the mother of Maryam"), after the birth of their first son or daughter. Each child, in turn, can be given a nickname of sorts identifying him or her as "son of" (ibn) or "daughter of" (bint) so-and-so. Therefore, Abdul Haqq bin Luqman and Marvain bint Luqman would mean "Abdul Haqq, son of Luqman" and "Maryam, daughter of Luqman" respectively.

This book brings forth, the amazing lives of 12 Muslims, who have been honoured here as an ibn (son), and is hence remembered by the name of his father. Each of these were achievers. Their patience, intelligence, motivation and faith in Islam has benefited not only Muslims, but the entire mankind. These stories are aimed to inspire all the young Muslims who read them. It is hoped that every reader will also, always be, a son of siratal-mustageem, a son of the True Path.

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