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Az-Zubair bin Al-Awwam (R) The Disciple


There are some great personalities in Islam who can inspire Muslims and make their faith strong in Allah and his Prophet Muhammad. One such companion of the Prophet was Az-Zubair bin Al-'Awwam who acepted Islam during his teenage and assisted the Holy Prophet in bringing non-believers of Makkah to the path of rightwousness. The knowledge of his life and character can help the enitre Muslim Ummah understand Islam better and practice its teachings fearlessly and devotedly.

One of the earliest converts to Islam and supporters of Prophet Muhammad (S) was his cousin Az-Zubair bin Al-'Awwam (R) He accepted Islam when he was only fifteen years old, in spite of the small number of Muslims at that time. He grew up to be a great hero and warrior for the cause of the Muslims. He was considered one of the senior Companions of the Prophet (S).

Golden Series of the Prophets Companions
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107) Abu Dhar Al-Gifari (R): Page 1