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Word for Word Surah Al-Fatihah and Al-Baqarah




According to muslims belief there can be any better book than Quran. Since Quran is of much importance to muslims therefore it is printed in various formats and font sizes. Here we present to you the Quranic text of Surah Al-fatiha and Al-Baqra that has been formatted in a way where each word from every ayah has been printed separately and been translated separately. This is an excellent source for understanding and memorizing the meanings of each individual word of the Quran. These two Surahs from Quran are of utmost importance. Take a look at the sample pages to see the beauty of this Quran.

By Zaheen Fatima Baig. Preface by Bilal Philips. A project of the Islamic Information Center, UAE.


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