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Prayer and Purification (Small Book)


Brief Synopsis: 

This small book aims at educating the New Muslims about methods of Purification and Salat. It explains steps for performing Wudu and Salat in easy to comprehend language and style. The text in this book is supported with authentic verses from the Quran and golden words of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). English translation of the Arabic quotes has also been provided to ensure complete understanding of contents of this treatise. The neat division of the contents presents:

  • Importance and advantages of purity, a description of impurity and needs for purification, manners of using toilet, and dua for that place, etc.
  • Steps for performing Wudu in correct sequence, duas for ablution and reasons for performing ablution before prayer.
  • Steps for performing Salat in correct sequence, Surahs and verses to be read during all acts of worship with explanation and translation. Advantages and benefits of Salat, and issues related to it.

This book is a complete guide for Wudu and Salat and it successfully covers all matters related to the performance of these two essentials of Ibadah. It is useful for all Muslims.


In this treatise the correct procedures of prayer (Salaah) are clarified for the new Muslim. The main objective of this work is to explain the steps of purification and prayer in a simplified manner in order to benefit the person who has recently accepted Islam. This information may also be beneficial for any Muslim.

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