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Muslims Childs Way of Life


This book was published to accomplish 2 main purposes. First, to indicate the meanings of the statement of Faith, this is Laa ilaaha illallaah; and what position and importance it should hold in our lives. The rules and the requirements of the statement of Faith are clearly mentioned for children in a very easy to understand format, and they can adopt it with ease.

All the Articles of Faith have been elucidated to the children in a very easy manner. By reading this book, the children can themselves get a clear and lucid idea of all the requirements of Faith. This itself is the first aim of this book.

Secondly, it is intended to promote healthy extracurricular activities in the school children. A range of types of debates, writing competitions and sports produce sound effects, both mentally and physically upon the children. They become confident in terms of expressing themselves, may it be through speech or writing. These kind of different competitions increase the ability to think in the children, thereby making them creative and more expressive.

Other Sources:

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