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Quranic Prism: Trilingual Subject Index of The Holy Quran


Brief Synopsis:

The format of this Quran allows the ummah to easily identify the words of Allah in relevance to the topic at hand. All ayaat related to a certain topic have been recollected under the topic heading.

Each ayat has been translated in English and in Urdu and hence the book has index on either side of the book giving the Arabic, Urdu and English readers the ability to find the topic of interest. The Quran has also been indexed based on the Surahs. This Quranic Prism is a must for every household.


This book provides topic by topic translation of Quran from Arabic to English and Urdu. Hence, this book is meant for Arabic, Urdu and English readers to help them understand Quran. Every verse about a certain topic is compiled under one heading. It provides the chance of finding the instructions of Allah according to topic. Quranic Prism provides:

  • A different approach to understand Quran with its unique index and topic division.
  • Proper table to find verses of Quran.
  • Availability of fast and easy Quranic references.
  • Understanding of authority, knowledge and richness of Holy Quran.
  • A book for all the Muslims and speakers of Arabic, Urdu or English Language.
  • Indexes and Table of contents in three languages.
  • Proper method of using this book and getting maximum benefit from it.
  • Poem by Hakim Muhammad Saeed.

This book is a medium to understand various teachings of Quran and use them as a reference. Hence, it makes easy for Muslims to refer to Quran in daily walks of life. It is a must have for all.


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