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The Unchallengeable Miracles of the Quran

The Unchallengeable Miracles of the Quran


Learn the numerous scientific facts revealed in the Quran over 1400 years ago...

The Quran is a book of guidance for all of humanity, and per Islamic belief, Allah has promised that He will preserve it in its original  form until the Day of Judgment. The inimitable style of the Quran and the superior wisdom in it are definitive evidences that it is the Word of God. Besides, the Quran has many miraculous verses proving that it is undoubtedly a revelation from God and not the work of a human.

Although the Quran is not just a book of science, it clearly states a number of scientific truths that were uncovered only with the help of modern technology in the 20th century. How can we explain the numerous scientific facts mentioned in its verses over 1400 years ago?

Time after time, renowned scientists and experts from all over the world, upon studying the verses of the Quran have acknowledged that there was simply no way and means of knowing these scientific facts 1400 years ago. Yet, they were astounded to see them mentioned in the Quran.

The fact they were mentioned in the Quran offers another proof about Quran's divine revelation: proving that the Quran is the word of God.

Just as scientists and researchers are fascinated by the wealth of knowledge and depth of meaning carried in the verses of the Quran (Koran/Coran), modern readers too will find a great deal of benefit in the amazing information and insight offered by this book.

Some of the well known miracles in Quran include the following -

  • The coming of the universe into existence
  • The expansion of the universe
  • The splitting asunder of "the heavens and the earth"
  • Orbits in Space
  • The roundness of the earth
  • The protected roof
  • The returning sky
  • The layers of the atmosphere
  • The function of mountains
  • The movement of mountains
  • The miracle in the iron
  • The pairs in creation
  • The relativity of time
  • The proportion of rain
  • The formation of rain
  • The fecundating winds
  • The seas' not mingling with one another
  • Darkness in the seas, and internal waves
  • The region that controls our movements
  • The birth of a human being
  • The identity in the fingerprint
  • The victory of Byzantium
  • and more..........


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By: Yusuf Al-Hajj Ahmad
Translator: Nasiruddin Al-Khattab (Canada)
Pages: 339
Binding: Hardback
Size: 7x9.5" (18x24 cm)
Format: Full Color Printing