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22 Apr '16

Why are Muslim women banned from wearing hijab in certain countries?

Posted by Nosheen Z in banned hijab, muslim women

In many countries, hijab is a sensitive topic. However, almost all governments do not care about what their citizens wear as long as it is not immodest. Hijab, in certain cases, is only banned in schools because it is seen as a religious symbol. Governments merely adhere to the separation of church and state (for any religion). For example, in the United States, even praying (to the Christian God) in schools has been banned

22 Apr '16

How does hijab affect a woman’s sexuality?

Posted by Nosheen Z in hijab affect

Rather than being seen as a sexual object, the hijab enables a woman to be treated as a person. The garment might conceal her sexuality but it brings out her femininity. It helps her be seen as a chaste and pure person who does not want sexuality to infiltrate her interaction with the opposite gender even at a very small degree.

22 Apr '16

Was the hijab actually designed to create social equality?

Posted by Nosheen Z in hijab design

The Qur’an had an idealistic purpose: to make men and women equal. Because of this, the Qur’anic legislation about women was actually carefully designed to protect them from social practices (unlimited polygamy, concubinage, etc) which were already prevalent during the pre-IslamicArabia. Wearing hijab, at the time, basically liberated women from being regarded as sex-objects. They were asked to behave in a way that befits a self-respecting and secure human being