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Wooden Qur'an holder - Rehal - Arabic Islamic Shopping Store - 1

Wooden Qur'an holder - Rehal


Used historically for many a generation, this elegant and pretty Wooden Qur'an holder (a.k.a. rihal, rahil, or tawla) is used by students and reciters of the Qur'an. It is helpful for children and adults to recite the Quran in proper form and function. Excellent for the Masjid, school or for the home. Durable, high-quality wood construction. Extra large size with beautiful designs engraved into rosewood. Imported from Syria. The nice decoration of "Quran Al-Kareem" can be seen carved nicely on the Quran holder. 

Measures: 37 cm x 37 cm diagonally. Width:17 cm